Leon Pals


Connects change makers so they can share what works, and what does not. Facilitating knowledge exchange and progress. Believes we are here to achieve progress, and to leave the world in a better place than how we found it. But what is better, and how do we define progress?Leon Pals is the founder of Startup Foundation and Progress Bar coworking in Rotterdam, and popularized the Lean Startup method across Europe with workshops and his Startup Academy programs. He currently also operates as a validation expert for Rabobank and the European Union.Leon is an expert on validation, customer development and community building. He prefers to work on early stage B2C models which often have bootstrapped founders, but he also has experience with startups operating in a B2B setting and/or with rounds of funding. Whilst he has an interest in progress and technical advancements, projects with market risk will benefit more from Leon’s expertise than those with technical risk.

To Do:

  • Open a cocktail bar

  • Visit Japan, Mexico and Patagonia

  • Re-build Startup Foundation

  • Hostile take-over of WeWork


  • Built the first global startup community

  • Built the first (startup) co-working space in Rotterdam

  • Popularised Lean Startup across Europe

  • Failed at two startups